“Posthuman political and natural rights have been framed on a spectrum with animal rights and human rights…”

Woody Evans, 2015


“Posthumanism differs from classical humanism by relegating humanity back to one of many natural species, thereby rejecting any claims founded on anthropocentric dominance.” 

C. Wolfe, 2009


“Posthumanism calls for a more inclusive definition of life, and a greater moral-ethical response, and responsibility, to non-human life forms in the age of species blurring and species mixing.”

Pramod K. Nayar, 2014


“Critical posthumanism “rejects both human exceptionalism (the idea that humans are unique creatures) and human instrumentalism (that humans have a right to control the natural world).”

Pramod K. Nayar, 2013




*A série Pós-humanos é inédita e foi produzida entre 2017 e 2018.