Speech foi realizada a partir da edição da canção Children of the Korn, de 1998, da banda Korn, presente no álbum Follow the Leader. A peça spoken word foi criada durante o processo de residência artística no programa EXPLODE!, como parte do projeto Queer City, desenvolvido pela Musagetes Foundation (Canadá) ao longo do ano de 2015/2016 na cidade de São Paulo. O trabalho também foi performado no projeto de rádio-arte We Are All Radio Creatures da rádio francesa websynradio.fr. Para saber mais sobre o Queer City e a residência acesse: www.cidadequeer.lanchonete.org/projetos-…/explode/ e www.cidadequeer.lanchonete.org/sobre-about/.


attention all parents
report to your local therapist
report to your local church
report to your local police department it’s going’ down

stop fucking with me alright

dropping smoke in the alley
making noise with a double pump
bring your boys turn up at a party
with you doubled up
double rowdy, double party
hardcore, teenage, fuckin’ bitches major catch me if you can
fuck the law with my dick in my hand we’re coming’ strong
generation triple x
we are all about the weed smoke
and the kinky sex, nigger what?
so, sing me
yeah, insanity


called a fag all my life then I got it so far
it’s so pretty like me


go figure, what’s a fag?
now a player
baptized and born
and the children of the korn
children of the korn, children of the korn, I’m the first born

fuck authority
hit your ass in the head with my 40 you girls see more of me
after school

you better want you better run you better want you better run to your car

class clown, I already know I’m a star from your porn and twisted ass always ways
now, you look amazed

I’m sitting in a daze in a purple haze you better check my pulse
cause nothin’ seems to faze

nothin’ seems to faze hurt me, you hurt me

why don’t you step outside and feel me?
how you gonna tell me where to skate, who to date how to fuck, how to kiss, who to love, who to diss how to live, somethin’ gotta give
how to live, what it is, somethin’ gotta give

we’re talking shit, ’cause life is a ‘bitch
you know it is, everybody is trying to get rich, god damn all I want do is live, all I want do is live
all I want to do
all I want to do is live
stop fuckin’ with me, bitch

* Spoken word pode ser traduzido por palavra falada ou recitação, declamação.